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 In Wall Pest Tubing in Tampa Bay

In-Wall Pest Tubing for Added Pest Protection

Tampa pest control company offers tube-in-wall pest control system to target pests where they live

By the time you notice that there are pests in your home, you already have a big problem. Most pests don’t just come in through the front door and go back out. Instead, they enter through tiny cracks and openings in your walls, roof and siding, such as where damage has appeared or where pipes have been installed. They then build a nest inside your walls, where you can’t see them. You only know they are in your home once they have built up a healthy population and are exploring further.

The experienced Tampa exterminators at Liberty Pest Management can install an in-wall pest-tubing system that targets all types of pests and rodents at their source: Nestled in the walls of your home. This system adds another layer of protection to your home that shields it from the nasty creepy crawlies that have their rightful place outside. 

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How does an in-wall pest-tubing system work?

In-wall pest tubing is placed directly in your home’s walls, between the drywall and the outer walls. These tubes run behind the drywall just like your electrical wiring or plumbing. The tubes have small holes at specific intervals to distribute the pesticides in the areas where roaches, ants, spiders and other pests might be nesting or hiding. A port is placed on the outside of the home that connects to the tubing for adding pesticides.

Because the tubing is placed in the wall, it is best to have it installed when the home is under construction or is being remodeled. That way, portions of the wall do not have to be removed and replaced, which can be quite costly. The tubes do not have to be placed in every wall in the home – only in the area where pests are most likely to nest, such as in the kitchen or bathroom where there are water and food sources.

Since the tubing is connected to a port outside the home, our exterminators are easily able to re-treat the home quarterly or semi-annually. We don’t even have to enter the home to provide treatment.

Types of pests that can be treated with a tubing system

A tube-in-wall pest control system can treat just about any type of pest. Some of the most common pests we treat include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs

The tube injections can treat any variety of these pests just by changing up the type of pesticide we use. Our experienced Tampa exterminators will evaluate your home to determine the exact type of pest plaguing your property and to understand how they are entering the property and where they might be nesting.

We’ll develop a plan with you about the best location for the tubes and the best schedule for delivering new pesticides. If you have a particularly heavy infestation, you may need to get quarterly treatments.

We may also recommend additional treatments inside your home. While the tubing system is very effective at treating the pests, it can only reach those that are inside the walls. Inside treatments can get rid of the pests that have moved further into the home.


Work with an experienced Tampa exterminator who gets results with in-wall pest tubing

Don’t stay up at night wondering if bugs are going to crawl across your face or feast on the food in your kitchen. Make your home the safe space it should be again by calling Liberty Pest Management to work with an experienced Tampa Bay exterminator. We have a history of getting results, and our reputation in the community is well-established. Call us at (813) 961-2627 or fill out our online form to get an on-site evaluation and talk about your options.

We Eliminate Ants, Roaches, Wasps, & Rodents From Your Home or Office

Liberty Pest Provides In Wall Pest Tubing in Tampa, Lutz, Citrus Park, Odessa and surrounding areas



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