Drive Scavenging Rats Away From Your Property

Drive Scavenging Rats Away From Your Property

Liberty Pest Management provides rodent control services in Odessa & Tampa, FL

Rats and other rodents are the peskiest of all critters. They’re always trying to get to a warmer place, and your warm, cozy home is just what they’re looking for. Don’t tolerate your disgusting rodent problem anymore! Liberty Pest Management, LLC can get rid your commercial or residential property of rodents, including:
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks

What pests are invading your Odessa, FL home or office? Call Liberty Pest Management at 813-961-2627 for fast, effective rodent control services.

Rodents can pose a danger to your health

Not only are rats and other rodents repulsive, but they’re also disease-carrying pests. These diseases can be spread through exposure to their urine and droppings, which could be present in your pantry. Don’t expose your family to the dangers of rodents. Get in touch with Liberty Pest Management to eradicate your rat or other rodent problem.