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Wasp Removal and Wasp Nest Removal is Just a Phone Call Away.

Wasp Removal Tampa

Wasp Removal and Nest Control by Liberty Pest Management

Liberty Pest Control is available for your home, property or office if you have been plagued by wasps. Wasps are mean and become agitated easily. Trust our wasp removal and wasp nest removal.

Wasps are pretty tough insects and love to just hang around your home for long periods of time. Wasps do sting and can be a threat to adults, children and animals. Controlling the wasp population is a full time job in Florida.

There are many different strategies to eliminating wasps. Many believe that if you screen in areas, a wasp nest cannot be built there. Unfortunately as a wasp is an insect, they can and will reside in places they believe will give them the best chance for survival. That means under stairs or window awnings are great places for wasps to live and build nests. Mosts wasps do not go to far from their nest.

Since 1997, we have provided fast, affordable wasp removal and wasp nest removal service to homes and businesses across Tampa Bay. If you have a wasp infestation call 813-961-2627 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment. 


We Exterminate Wasps from Your Home or Office Quickly

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Wasps are generally easy to treat; prevention however is another story. If you knock a nest down, they will repopulate in another area, preferably at a neighbors. Treatments need to be monthly. Please call and schedule a visit by one of our very courteous trained technicians today. We serve a wide area in and around Tampa Bay. Call 813-961-2627 to schedule a pest control technician to come to your home or office, or contact us online.

Liberty Pest Management is State Licensed and fully insured, and both John and Mark are State Certified in Florida. (Operators Licenses – #JF134280 and #JF-135111)

Tampa Wasp Managment and Control by Liberty Pest.