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Roach Control in Tampa Bay 


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Roach control in Florida can be difficult. Treating your roach infestation may require more than one visit, depending on the extent of the roaches in your home or business. According to the National Pest Management Association cockroaches spread 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, 6 types of parasitic worms and 7 kinds of human pathogens.

Some tips on preventing the spread of roaches include cleaning your home or office extensively. Treating a large infestation of roaches will require service every 1-2 weeks until the roaches are gone. Roach control is included in our regular service which will continue after your initial treatment is complete.

If you are seeing 1-2 roaches, chances are there are hundreds that you cannot see, hiding behind your walls and in crevices throughout your home. Trust Liberty Pest to get rid of roaches fast. Call 813-961-2627 or contact us online to schedule an appointment and be roach free!


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Liberty Pest Control is highly experienced in roach control. Roaches can live everywhere in your home. There is no one-shot solution for an infestation of roaches. We take a serious approach to applying bait and poison in your home in the areas most traveled by the roach. Here in the Tampa Bay area, roaches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. German cockroaches are very common and tough to get rid of. Palmettos are the larger variety that fly around as a nuisance. American and Asian cockroaches can also be a problem. We are on a phone call away – call 813-961-2627 or contact us online and schedule an appointment today. 

Liberty Pest Management is State Licensed and fully insured, and both John and Mark are State Certified in Florida. (Operators Licenses – #JF134280 and #JF-135111)

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