German Cockroach Control in Tampa by Liberty Pest Management in Lutz.

German Cockroach Control Tampa 

We Get Rid of German Cockroaches Fast

Treating your German cockroach infestation can involve multiple treatments in your home, as they are often immune to treatments. Depending on how bad the situation becomes, things like under-the-counter treatments and removing power plates to properly treat the area is required.

Our German cockroach removal technicians are state licensed and will kick your German cockroach problem to the curb.

We always encourage you to start with a thorough cleaning of your home food areas, as well as vacuuming your home thoroughly. Trees and shrubbery around your home that come in contact with outside walls should be trimmed. German cockroach control is included in our regular monthly service, which continues after the initial treatment.

Don’t be overrun by nasty German cockroaches – we get rid of them fast and effectively. Call 813-961-2627 or contact us online today and be bug free tomorrow!


German Cockroach Control You Can Rely On in Tampa Bay

Liberty Pest Management Exterminates German Cockroaches From Your Home or Office



Liberty Pest Control is your answer to a German cockroach infestation. German roaches are a serious problem because they bite and multiply very quickly. There are several ways to begin your german roach control –  cleaning everything is the first step, and we take care of the rest. Liberty Pest is currently solving german roach issues from Lutz to New Port Richey to South Tampa. We are proud to bring you the best in-home pest control and will rid your home of those pesky german roaches quickly. Don’t wait another minute, call 813-961-2627 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. 

Liberty Pest Management is State Licensed and fully insured, and both John and Mark are State Certified in Florida. (Operators Licenses – #JF134280 and #JF-135111)

Rid Yourself of Nasty German Cockroaches by Calling Liberty.