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Liberty Pest Control understands the migration of ants and how bothersome they can be to your home or business. Many times ants are attracted to your home in search of water or food. Taking the time to remove the things that ants eat around your home or office will assist you in making other sources more attractive for outside ants.

Several precautions should be taken when getting rid of ants. First clean your home. Vacuum, mopping and scrubbing are your first line of defense. Clean the inside of all trash cans, using bleach water or other cleaners. Make an effort to stop leaky faucets and spigots. Water only makes the ants more comfortable. Water they can find at night or as a constant source will make them move in to stay.

Be sure to cut back any shrubbery or branches that touch the walls or roof of your home. There should be at least 9 inches of clearance from trees, bushes and grass around your home or office to eliminate the scout ants from finding a comfortable place to stay.

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