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Looking for Pest Control in Carrollwood? Call Liberty Pest Control Today.

Carrollwood Pest Control Company

Liberty Pest Management is Carrollwood’s Favorite Pest Control Company

Carrollwood has a ton of trees. Lately, our pest control professionals have discovered that due to the excess number of trees and shrubs in the area, Carrollwood is also a haven for bees, wasps and spiders. The more trees around your home, the greater the opportunity for a dark, damp ecosystem that outside insects love.

To help keep bugs at bay, we recommend our quarterly Carrollwood pest control service, as well as cutting back shrubbery from your home or business at least 2x a year. Make an effort to ensure trees, shrubs and other plant vegetation is not touching the side of your home or roof.

Controlling your pest population means having a year-round pest control plan. We consider our customers as family, so join the family here at Liberty Pest Management by dialing the number below or contact us online. We will give you an estimate and come by your home in a timely manner.


Contact Leading Carrollwood Pest Control Company Today for a Free Estimate 813-961-2627

Family Owned and Operated with More Than 20 Years of Pest Control Experience


We Eliminate Roaches, Ants, Rodents, Termites and Other Bugs Quickly and Affordably

Carrollwood pest control services are performed on a quarterly basis. If you notice bugs or critters, we will come out to your home or business immediately.  Each type of pest is different and our technicians are educated to inform you of what to expect if infested. Call us today to get started 813-961-2627

Liberty Pest Management is State Licensed and fully insured, and both John and Mark are State Certified in Florida. (Operators Licenses – #JF134280 and #JF-135111)

Carrollwood Exterminator Services by Liberty Pest Management.