Are Ants Marching One by One Into Your Home?

Are Ants Marching One by One Into Your Home?

Hire Liberty Pest Management for ant control in Odessa & Tampa, FL

So, an army of ants has invaded your residential or commercial property. Liberty Pest Management, LLC of Odessa, Florida has the artillery to fight back against those marching ants. We employ the most effective pest control methods to get rid of your bothersome ants. Our exterminator has been helping Odessa and Tampa residents with their ant problems for more than 19 years!

What can you do to proactively tackle your ant problem?

Here are several precautions you can take to alleviate your ant problem before calling us:

  • Clean your home thoroughly. Vacuum, mop and scrub your floors. Clean the inside of all your trash cans, and fix your leaky faucets and spigots.
  • Cut back your shrubbery.

When your property is ready for our services, we’ll get rid of your ants and teach you how to keep them out.